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At Sydney Window Shutters & Blinds we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor blinds, roller shutters, aluminium shutters and plantation shutters in Sydney. Backed by a 20 year Australian warranty, these blinds and shutters are perfect for your home and office needs.

About Shutters

Window shutters are a stable and solid window covering normally comprising a frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. Shutters may be used for various reasons including providing privacy, controlling the amount of sunlight entering a room, enhancing a building’s aesthetics and protecting a property against damage, unwanted intrusion or weather.

Depending on the frame’s construction and the application, window shutters can be mounted to overlap the opening or fit in the opening. On some building styles, shutters are usually used to cover the windows and doors.

Different types of shutters available

Our shutters are available in various colours, patterns and materials. Visit our Sydney showroom and see a wide collection of shutters in different styles and designs that offer a versatile interior covering for doors and windows. We can also arrange a mobile showroom for you. Choose from our range of plantation, aluminium and roller shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Looking for quality plantation shutters? You’re at the right place! Aside from providing light control, privacy and security, our plantation shutters come in 2 basic styles – solid with non-moveable louvers or solid with broad louvers or slats that can be opened or closed. Shutters can be made in several segments to suit the shape and size of the space or window to be covered.

Made of a special polymer or high-quality timber, our shutters are a stylish window furnishing that will increase your Sydney home’s value. Designed to withstand daily usage, light and extreme temperatures without deteriorating, these products are available in various lacquered paints, custom paints and size louvers.

Polymer Plantation Shutters

Do you want to add an elegant improvement to an internal window furnishing? Empire 20 plantation shutters are the perfect option for you. They are backed by a 20 year warranty and insulate 70 percent more than timber. These products comprise an aluminium insert in the stiles and louvers to attain stiffness and strength.

Aside from being humidity and moisture resistant, they’re also recyclable, termite resistant, hypoallergenic and fire retardant and won’t warp, chip or crack. Louvers come in the following sizes – 89mm, 115mm and 64mm and are available in three colours – pearl, bright white and white.

plantation shutters

Basswood Plantation Shutters

Made of A-grade Basswood boasting a uniform grain for an excellent stain finish, Empire Basswood plantation shutters are perfect for internal window furnishings, but are not suggested for wet areas and bathrooms.

These products are lightweight, but very durable and come with a limited warranty for 3 years for colours. Window protection is recommended to prevent stains from fading in hot sun. Louvers are available in different sizes, including 115mm, 89mm and 64mm and come in 22 stains and colours.

basswood plantation shutters

Aluminium Shutters

Empire Argent Aluminium Shutters are insect and moisture resistant, durable, straight and elegant. All aluminium shutters come with an Australian warranty for your peace of mind.

Shutters are cut to perfection and can be recycled. Louver size is 89 mm and come in a range of colours such as sparkling aluminium, pearl, black and white. Woodgrain finishes include Natural Oak, Red Cedar and Ironbark. Special powder coating colours are also offered upon request.

aluminium shutters

The best thing about Empire Argent Aluminium Shutters is that they’re a stylish and neat way of protecting windows from various elements and providing privacy to your home. This kind of shutters lasts longer compared to wood types and needs little to no maintenance. Aluminium shutters cannot rot, are not infested by white ants and not affected by harsh weather conditions, making them a good long-term investment for your home. They’re resistant to fire, fading, cracking and corrosion. Aluminium shutters are very attractive that you can use them even indoors.

Roller Shutters

Windows Shutters & Blinds is home to the finest selection of roller shutters in Sydney. Our roller shutters offer energy saving cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution to heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

If you live in a detached residence, you can save up to 30 percent on your yearly cooling and heating needs. All roller shutters are backed by a 5 year warranty.

roller shutters

Protect your home against vandalism and burglary. Roller shutters offer an instant visible deterrent to people with ill intentions. Our Insulation Roller Shutters boast thermal insulation properties that effectively keep the warmth during winter and lessen the effects of heat during summer.

Since these shutters are fitted near the door or window, they can’t be prised away. This is enough deterrent to possible intruders.

If your home is surrounded by noise, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Whether your house is located near busy roads or an airport, roller shutters can significantly reduce the levels of noise from outside of your property.

Roller shutters can be lowered or raised to lessen sun glare and to control the amount of light you want to enter a room.

About Blinds

Window blinds are a kind of window covering that usually consists of several long vertical and horizontal slats of different kinds of plastic, metal, wood or fabric that are held together by cords running through the blind slats.

Blinds can be rotated from an open position into a closed position with a remote control or manually. Also known as window shades, blinds can be made in various materials. Cheaper window blinds are typically made in PVC, aluminium, polyester or vinyl. These materials are inexpensive, durable and easily accessible at the same time.

Blinds are used to screen a window, attaining the same results offered by curtains. These items are usually the same height and width as the window itself or a little taller and wider, depending on whether they’re installed outside or inside the window.

Window blinds offer different thermal effects. They can retain heat during the cold winter months and block unnecessary heat from the sun during summer. In both applications, blinds reduce light to different levels, depending on their design. Many types of blinds try to accomplish different balances of shade and privacy. The material used in making blinds usually determines the name adopted by the blind.

Blinds also provide more control over the amount of light allowed to enter the room. For instance, some venetian blinds close very tightly that they prevent almost any amount of light from entering the room, which can be beneficial in rooms used for entertainment like home theatres and nurseries. Blinds make the room look more modern and elegant than curtains do. They can also make a room appear larger if they’re a bit wider than the windows and are fixed several centimetres below the ceiling.

While curtains should be washed regularly, most blinds usually only require a swift wipe down with a duster or a damp cloth. Washing big, heavy curtains can be hard and having them dry cleaned can be expensive.

Blinds also last longer than curtains and don’t need to be replaced often. They’re a good option in the kitchen as you can easily pull them away from possible splashes. For instance, sheer-fabric roller blinds can be pulled up with ease, but can still look stylish and soften the light entering the room.

Blinds also look far more professional in commercial buildings than curtains and since there are various colours and styles to pick from, you can easily choose the blinds that suit the company’s style and colour.

Different Types of Blinds at Window Shutters & Blinds

We are the only place where you can find quality blinds. Our blinds are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials. Choose from our lavish range of Illusion Blinds and Sheer Elegance Blinds. We also have a complete range of Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and Roller blinds for you to pick from.

Sheer Elegance, Illusion, Vertical Venetian and Roller Blinds

Sheer Elegance Blinds

Made from translucent horizontal mesh and opaque horizontal fabric to create a double layered blind, the unique design of Sheer Elegance Blinds permits the different layers to shift, producing varying levels of privacy and light. This allows you to completely open or close them, depending on your needs. Sheer Elegance Blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics including Translucent and Blockout and extensive selection of stylish colours.

sheer elegance blinds

Illusion Blinds

Illusion Blinds feature a lightweight fabric that drapes between 2 sheer fabric layers, letting you adjust the amount of light and privacy you want. These blinds soften sun glare and provide privacy when closed. You’re also given a range of colours and fabrics to pick from that will transform any ordinary room into a modern and luxurious living space. Every blind comes with matching cord and cassette.

illusion blinds

Roller Blinds

Illusion Blinds feature a lightweight fabric that drapes between 2 sheer fabric layers, letting you adjust the amount of light and privacy you want. These blinds soften sun glare and provide privacy when closed. You’re also given a range of colours and fabrics to pick from that will transform any ordinary room into a modern and luxurious living space. Every blind comes with matching cord and cassette.

roller blinds

Vertical Blinds

Choose from our large collection of premium custom made Vertical Blinds for optimal control of your privacy and light. Blockout and light filtering fabrics are available in 127mm and 89mm fabric widths to meet any purpose. You can go with the traditional cord & chain or wand control function.

Since vertical blinds stand vertical, they’re less likely to gather dust. These blinds are quicker to operate and need less muscle strength. In warmer months, vertical blinds discourage insects like flies from entering a building. It also slows the leakage of heat into the cold room of food businesses.

vertical blinds

Venetian Blinds

With simple to use cords for tilting and lifting, venetian blinds give you an excellent ability to control your privacy and light. Choose from our Econowood and Basswood Venetians shading solutions! Our extensive selection of venetian blinds is available in a range of colours, sizes, materials and styles.

venetian blinds

Visit our Sydney showroom and see for yourself our collection of high quality window shutters and blinds. Provide your windows and doors with a versatile interior covering! Call our showroom office and book an appointment. We can also send out one of our professional experts to meet you personally.

If you’re not sure about the kind of blind or shutter you should choose, then call us or fill our contact form to arrange for a mobile showroom to arrive in your home. We value your satisfaction! Expect to receive professional advice, high quality blinds and shutters, professional installation service and Sydney’s experts in blinds and shutters when you call us.